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Finding YOUR Way: Stepping Stones to God-Honoring Devotions

FindingYourWay CoverFinding YOUR Way: Stepping Stones to God-Honoring Devotions

It’s finally here… My First Book!

If you have ever experienced the guilt of a less than ideal spiritual life then this book is for you!

In a time where busyness seems to reign supreme, Finding YOUR Way, breaks through the burden of over-sized demands and helps you find smaller ways to reach your bigger devotional goals. This book breaks down and defines the ambiguous burden of “daily devotions.” Each chapter presents one small step, a “Stepping Sone” intended to help Christians of all ages find meaning, purpose, growth, and personal intimacy through a consistent, rich, meaningful time with God.

So what do you want from your time with God? What is your way, to incorporate your faith in your everyday?

Available from Amazon here!


Not convinced yet?  Take a quick peak inside!

Click here for a preview of the Table of Contents.

Need more persuasion?  Check out the Welcome here and the introduction to the first “Stepping Stone” here.

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